Medical virtual assistants

Find virtual assistants to manage all your medical administrative hassle

Find virtual assistants to manage all your medical administrative hassle

Elevate your healthcare practice with proficient medical virtual assistants sourced through our dedicated headhunting service.

How much does a medical virtual assistant cost?

Hire in North America
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How much can you save?

Hiring local vs. working with 5-Tek
Hourly ($)
21-25 vs. 5-15
Hourly savings
Annually ($)
80,000 vs. 10,000-30,000
Annual savings

What you can expect

Fully compliant


Proficient in
using all


Managerial Time Saved Per Week

15 hours

5-Tek exceeded our expectations in finding the perfect healthcare professionals. Their headhunting services are exceptional, ensuring each candidate aligns perfectly with our needs. Truly a remarkable team!

Namita S,

HR Director

Frequently asked questions

How can medical virtual assistants benefit my healthcare practice?

Our medical virtual assistants seamlessly integrate into your workflow, handling administrative tasks like appointment scheduling and documentation, freeing up your team to focus on patient care.

What tasks can I delegate to a medical virtual assistant?

Our sourced medical virtual assistants are skilled in tasks such as managing patient records, coordinating appointments, handling billing inquiries, and even providing multilingual patient support.

How do you ensure the quality of the medical virtual assistants you provide?

We rigorously evaluate our virtual assistants, ensuring they possess medical knowledge, effective communication skills, and a commitment to maintaining confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.

Can medical virtual assistants accommodate practices with specific needs?

Absolutely, our medical virtual assistants are versatile and can be tailored to your practice's unique requirements, adapting to various specialties and communication preferences.

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