Medical scribes

Hire experienced Medical Scribes to improve accuracy of visit notes

Hire experienced Medical Scribes to improve accuracy of visit notes

Optimize your healthcare workflow with skilled medical scribes sourced through our specialized headhunting service.

How much does a medical scribe cost?

Hire in North America
Hire with 5-Tek

How much can you save?

Hiring local vs. working with 5-Tek
Hourly ($)
21-25 vs. 5-15
Hourly savings
Annually ($)
80,000 vs. 10,000-30,000
Annual savings

What you can expect

Medical documentation time saved per week

10 hours

Physician satisfaction rate


Patient satisfaction rate


5-Tek exceeded our expectations in finding the perfect healthcare professionals. Their headhunting services are exceptional, ensuring each candidate aligns perfectly with our needs. Truly a remarkable team!

Namita S,

HR Director

Frequently asked questions

How can medical scribes sourced through your service improve my healthcare workflow?

Our headhunting service connects you with proficient medical scribes who alleviate administrative burdens, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

What qualifications do your sourced medical scribes possess?

Our sourced medical scribes have relevant medical knowledge and training, ensuring accurate documentation and efficient workflow support.

How do you ensure a suitable match for my practice?

We take time to understand your practice's unique requirements and source medical scribes who align with your specialty, ensuring a seamless fit.

Can your service cater to practices with varying volumes of patient encounters?

Yes, our headhunting service tailors the search to your practice's specific needs, whether you have high patient volumes or specialized requirements.

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Improve accuracy of your notes and improve physician satisfaction rate

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