Medical coders

Hire high-quality medical coders to improve your revenue cycle

Hire high-quality medical coders to improve your revenue cycle

Unlock revenue cycle improvements by sourcing exceptional medical coders through our dedicated headhunting service.

How much does a medical coder cost?

Hire in North America
Hire with 5-Tek

How much can you save?

Hiring local vs. working with 5-Tek
Hourly ($)
21-25 vs. 5-15
Hourly savings
Annually ($)
80,000 vs. 10,000-30,000
Annual savings

What you can expect

Clean claims submission rate


First pass claims payment rate

<2 weeks

Days Account Receivable

31 days

Partnering with 5-Tek Medical transformed our revenue cycle. Their expertise streamlined our billing processes, boosting collections and improving cash flow. A game-changer for our healthcare practice!

Dr Manbir T.,


Frequently asked questions

How can your service help find skilled medical coders?

Our headhunting service connects you with experienced medical coders who can enhance your revenue cycle and coding accuracy.

What sets your medical coder search apart?

We meticulously identify and evaluate medical coders with proven expertise, ensuring they align perfectly with your practice's needs.

How does your process ensure quality?

Our rigorous selection process and industry-specific insights guarantee high-quality medical coders who can optimize your revenue cycle.

Can you help practices of all sizes?

Yes, our headhunting service caters to practices of all sizes, delivering tailored solutions for each practice's unique coding requirements.

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Improve your revenue cycle with 5-Tek medical coders

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Regular AR turnaround time

90 days

Working with 5-Tek
31 days