IT support specialists

Find high-quality healthcare IT support specialists

Find high-quality healthcare IT support specialists

Ensure seamless technology operations in your healthcare facility with skilled IT support specialists sourced through our specialized headhunting service.

How much does an IT support specialist cost?

Hire in North America
Hire with 5-Tek

How much can you save?

Hiring local vs. working with 5-Tek
Hourly ($)
21-25 vs. 5-15
Hourly savings
Annually ($)
80,000 vs. 10,000-30,000
Annual savings

What you can expect

Average response time

15 minutes

Issues resolved
in 2 hours


Customer feedback score


Searching for the right medical staff was daunting until we found 5-Tek Medical. Their healthcare headhunting team nailed it, providing us with skilled individuals who seamlessly integrated into our team.

Sherry T,

Clinic Manager

Frequently asked questions

How can sourced IT support specialists benefit my healthcare facility?

Our headhunting service connects you with proficient IT support specialists who ensure smooth technology operations, enabling uninterrupted patient care.

What expertise do your sourced IT support specialists bring to the table?

Our sourced IT support specialists possess a deep understanding of healthcare technology requirements, ensuring fast troubleshooting and efficient system maintenance.

How do you ensure a seamless transition with the sourced specialists?

We focus on sourcing IT support specialists with adaptable skills, ensuring they integrate smoothly into your technology ecosystem and respond effectively to your facility's needs.

Can your service cater to facilities with diverse technology infrastructure?

Yes, our headhunting service considers your facility's specific technology environment, providing IT support specialists with the right skills to match your technology landscape.

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2 hours

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