Credentialing specialists

Find credentialing specialists to manage your relationships
with payors

Find credentialing specialists to manage your relationships with payors

Secure expert credentialing specialists to streamline your administrative processes through our dedicated headhunting service.

How much does a credentialing specialist cost?

Hire in North America
Hire with 5-Tek

How much can you save?

Hiring local vs. working with 5-Tek
Hourly ($)
21-25 vs. 5-15
Hourly savings
Annually ($)
80,000 vs. 10,000-30,000
Annual savings

What you can expect

Accuracy of credentials


onboarding days

35 days

High customer satisfaction


5-Tek exceeded our expectations in finding the perfect healthcare professionals. Their headhunting services are exceptional, ensuring each candidate aligns perfectly with our needs. Truly a remarkable team!

Namita S,

HR Director

Frequently asked questions

How can your credentialing specialist search improve my practice's efficiency?

Our headhunting service connects you with skilled credentialing specialists who ensure timely and accurate provider credentialing, reducing administrative burdens.

What qualifications do your sourced credentialing specialists hold?

Our sourced credentialing specialists have a comprehensive understanding of provider enrollment processes and are well-versed in navigating complex regulations.

How do you ensure a smooth transition with the sourced specialists?

We source credentialing specialists experienced in various systems and work closely to ensure a seamless integration into your practice's credentialing procedures.

Can your service accommodate practices with unique credentialing requirements?

Yes, our headhunting service tailors the search to practices' specific needs, including specialized credentials, insurance networks, and regulatory compliance.

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